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Bending Pines Pottery WebSite
Bending Pines Pottery

Ken Maddux shares his love of the process of throwing clay on a wheel connecting him in a deep heartfelt way to potters over eons, and across civilizations.

What's Next with Sara Remke WebSite
What's Next WITH Sara Remke

Sara Remke is a mindfulness coach whose practice is based in Psychic Psychology, a system for understanding and fortifying the everyday usefulness of clairvoyant skill-sets to better navigate relationships, careers, and social realities.

Arabella Salon and Spa WebSite
Arabella Salon and Spa

Salon and Spa in Shoreview, MN — From head to toe, Arabella provides various beauty services with a strong emphasis on hair.

Ta–coumba Aiken WebSite
Ta–coumba T. Aiken

Ta–coumba is an International Artist, arts administrator, educator and community activist who focuses on public art and collaborative projects.

Kate Baker Integration WebSite
Kate Baker Integration

Structural Integration(SI), also known as Rolfing, is a holistic approach designed to address the entire fascial structure. At the same time, it is also a teaching protocol for improving postural alignment and integrated movement.

Cadenza Music WebSite
Cadenza Music

Since 1974, Cadenza Music provides service, quality and community involvement with music.

Music for Everyone!

Ta–coumba T. Aiken
“I have made a few attempts at creating a website to market my paintings and public art. As my business began to expand my website did not. The cookie cutter approach did not work. I needed someone would understood the technical skills and and coding to build it from scratch.”
“I found cypherMUSE. Musa listen’s to me, ask’s me many questions to help me think beyond my vision and allows me to visualize future changes — adaptations as I grow. My website is multi–faceted, easy to maneuver and is beautiful as well.”
“Thank you Musa. Now my creation’s can be shared with the world.”

Ta–coumba T. Aiken

Photo Tom Dunn Photography