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An intuitive designer who utilizes collaborative skills in reaching goals.


What you want. What you need. The way you expect!

cypherMUSE, specializes in front–end web design & development, SEO, social integration, e–commerce solutions and web administration for small businesses, business start–up’s, artists and non–profits. I hand code versus utilizing a WYSIWYG editor and will provide the option to use various CMS’s, bringing your business the best solutions. After all this is not a one size fits all world. Right? It is imperative in a culture that is evolving as you read this to provide flexibility and ability to easily adapt to changes with the growth, new developments, and “best practices” for the Web Industry.

My previous experience of managing small to national level businesses instilled the value of providing exceptional client service. Asking the right questions, understanding the challenges, and caring enough to find the best propositions for your project. I am analytical, detail–oriented, and have a potent understanding of size, positioning, spacing, and color theory. These skills, combined with previous design experience, performance and accomplishment’s; support and make me an excellent and creative webSite designer.


 Musa Vadnais
integrity, intutitive, & inspiring…






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