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“In a culture that is evolving as you read this, it is imperative to provide flexibility AND demonstrate the ability to easily adapt to changes with the growth, new developments, and ‘best practices’ in the Web Industry.”

 cypherMUSE webDesign Services

Design is a process. The collection of ideas. The ablity to aesthetically arrange content and draw the user into the experience. WebDesign is different in that, the end product is presented on electronic web pages. The end–user accesses the information, the finished project, through the internet via a web browser of their choice.

Do you think “I want to do it myself”, or perhaps, you have done it yourself and the results were not as expected, there are options beyond Dupral, Joomla and yes Wordpress! Sorry Wordpress. There is a place for CMS, but honestly, I prefer to not treat your project with a “one size fits all” solution. Let us explore the options needed for your particular project together.

How does your current webSite compare to the Web design trends you can expect to see in 2022.

I offer a free consultation.

cypherMUSE Responsive webDesign & Development

Responsive? Mobile first? I agree it can be a bit confusing.

The bottom line. With phones and smart devices overtaking desktops for users, it is wise to consider the investment in your webSite. A design that delivers perceptive user–interfaces regardless of the size of the display or device.

Solid coding skills are of great value — if not vital, as “Responsive Web Design” demonstrates it is no longer practical to provide a Photoshop mock–up.

Get the nitty gritty.

cypherMUSE Social Media Integeration

We all have it in our lives. Some have come to expect it. Most of us want it at some level.

I will integrate social media platforms into your project. How much and what you want is up to you. This includes e–mail marketing solutions such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. Check out vCita. Options for scheduling platforms based upon your specific needs. Ready to explore?

A little or a lot? What you want!

Let's start!